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Zedtech Griffin Surf Ski
Everyone in the flatwater paddling community in the U.S. is familiar with Nelo or Plastex, but Zedtech kayaks are the most innovative models in flatwater marathon racing in Europe, they are made by the brother of Nelo out of Portugal. The range of boats includes flatwater boats, sea kayaks, slalom kayak, canoe-polo kayak and surf-skis.
When Zedtech builds kayaks it always uses the best materials available in the specific price range and always gives priority to the material and the process that produces the best results for the money. 
All Zedtechs boats are built with epoxy and vacuum construction to provide the best possible results, making the layup superior to all its competitors in the price range in both quality and durability 
There are kayaks for those who think that paddling is the key.
 Atila P2/P2 75/P2 65 (Racing Kayak)
The kayak is very fast and efficient , more balanced and it is much calmer in the water.The interior of Zedtech is very easy to adjust while sitting in the kayak, all it takes is a simple operation.
Atila Beta 60 70 and 85 (Racing Kayak)
A very nice racing kayak with better stability and excellent sliding feeling.
Sleipner (Stable Racing Kayak)
 Straighter keel line and a bit flatter on the bottom. A bit more stable but still with a slightly higher cruising speed.
K1 Freelancer (Stable Racing Kayak)
 Almost as fast as Atila but much more stable. As the name suggests, this kayak built with the goal of creating a modern kayak with features such as the classic Evolution. Available with optional low seat, if desired
. K1 Freelancer 65 (Stable Racing Kayak / Kayak Youth)
 K1 Freelancer 75
. Based on FreeLancern has Zedtech made a modern racing kayak with a bit more stability for the lightest. Ideal for all sports ladies who want the real racing feeling, young canoeist who bought his first kayak or why not kayak club. The very smooth interior completely without screws makes settings easy to make even sitting in the kayak.The kayak has a very good glide.
  TCR (Marathon Racing / Touring)
TK1 TT (Marathon Racing / Touring)
This is the kayak for those who want an extremely fast and light mrathon touring kayak to paddle.Anyone can quickly learn to paddle fast in this kayak.
K1 Allevin (Kids Kayak)
K1 for young people and sports enthusiasts up to 75 kg who has just started training a kayak.Very few moving parts, is given with a fixed seat, but can also be ordered with racing seat, has built-in floating blocks, stainless steel rudder and very easily adjusted footrest.
Python (Multisport / Sea Racer)
This is a multisport kayak is built to get as far as possible but without sacrificing too much stability
Cayenne ( Sea Racer / Multisport)
Exercise kayak, sea racing, multisport kayak. A really good compromise between speed, stability, ICF rules, and opportunities for outdoor recreation.
Zedtech Dominator XL Surf Ski
Zedtech Dominator Surf Ski
Performance Surf Skin for anyone who wants to race coastal strip and do not want to be stopped by bad weather.
 Dominator Surf Ski is safe but still really fast and built to handle whatever is thrown at it.
Zedtech has finally lauched their new long distance surfski, the Zedtech Dominator. This new racing surfski  is said to be incredibly fast while maintaining comfortable stability.
Zedtech Dominator specifications
Lenght: 653 cm
Widht: 43,5 cm
 The Zedtech Dominator XL is a much more comfortable surfski for beginners to intermediate paddlers, particularly for those learning proficiency in rough water and waves.
Zedtech Griffin Surf Ski
The Griffin is based on Zedtech´s multisport/ocean racer kayak Python and measures only 590 cm. That makes the ski 68 cm shorter than the Dominator, 50 cm shorter than the Epic V12 and 35 cm shorter than the Fusion from Nordic Kayaks… The Griffin is just 10 cm longer than a ILS Spec Ski… But it looks like almost all ski manufacturers makes shorter and shorter ocean racing skis now…
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